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Interview with Pedro Casavecchia, director of Pulsión

Your film explores the descent into madness of a boy who grew up in a dysfunctional family. What was the appeal in this subjects ?
Pulsión is a project that I did mostly on my own. 3D animation takes a really long time and I would say the hardest part is to remain committed till the end to finish the film (even more so if it is an independent project without funding), so I decided I needed to work on a subject that was interesting for me. At the time I was into true crime documentaries and serial killer interviews. Not so much into the act of killing, but the psychological part of it. How these characters come to be. I decided to go with the psychological thriller genre to keep myself interested on the process.

What did you hope the audience would take from it?
I guess my film is quite dark. So I hope they are able to empathize with the characters and get to know them. I hope they feel things as they watch it, since that’s what I like to experience when I watch a film. It’s really nice when people discover tiny details on the film.

What sort of freedom would you say the short format allows?
It’s great to try things out. In the case of my film, the isometric view and the enclosed environments were something I didn’t see much of before but since I only needed to make it work just for a few minutes I felt more encouraged to try it out. A short film format is an awesome way to experiment and be creative.

What do you consider your cinematographic references? What are your influences or inspirations?
I’m a big fan of Kubrick’s The Shining. I really love how mysterious and deep the move is. You can watch it over and over and you will continue to find new things you didn’t see before. I really tried to create something that had some of that influence.

Pulsión is part of International Competition I4.

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