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An interview with Soheil Amirsharifi, director of Gosal [Fault Line]

la mouche cf Can you explain the title of Gosal [Fault Line]?
As you know “Fault line” is a fracture in the ground which causes an earthquake. The story of the film happens during a rehearsal which is designed to prepare the students for proper reaction when an earthquake happens. I find this a good title for the film because the main idea of the film is representation. The difference of what reality is to what we describe reality to be. The “reality” that we produce through the documents and witnesses in contrast with what has “really” happened. Is it not true that we create reality? Is it not true that the media, networks and all man-made productions all over the world are in charge of producing the reality they want? If the answer to this question is positive, this means that whoever produces the documents and gathers the evidence has the right to define what reality is. Is this not frightening? I find it immoral. I think representing in order to earn benefit causes a break inside the one who does it and this fracture inside, for me is like the fault line.

la mouche cf Why is the accusation directed towards Nahal?
She is underage, therefore she can’t have a driving license, but she rides a motorcycle and has an accident. So she does something against the law.

la mouche cf Can you tell us about casting and filming location? What was it like shooting in a school?
It was an instructive experience for me. I started auditions two months before shooting. After two weeks of continuous testing of different young performers, I found the right performers for the three high-school girls. Then we had about 40 sessions of rehearsal to prepare them for the roles. It was very difficult since they were not professionals but fortunately they were clever enough to reach the point. We had 4 days of shooting. The schedule was too compact but because I believe in arranging everything before filming, there was no problem while shooting.

la mouche cf What do you wish to work on and explore in your future work?
I have an idea for a fantasy short film whose story is based on a strange visit and we cannot understand whether it happens through an internet-based device or a dream. I love to experience with different atmospheres in my new film. It is a good challenge for me since the idea is totally new to me. Also, I am working on a script for my first feature film which is a story of two brothers and I think I will make it in autumn 2019.

la mouche cf Would you say that the short film format has given you any particular freedom?
Yes, of course. It gives me courage to go through a variety of subjects and atmospheres. In terms of financial matters and film industry, short films are much cheaper than features and there is no expectation for a short film to be great in the box office. Therefore you, as a director are able to experience new things and go through unknown paths.

Gosal [Fault Line] was shown in International Competition.


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