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Interview with Pierre Feytis, director of Film, Beyonder III


la mouche cf How did you get the inspiration for Gog, his dog and his rod?
In my previous short film, Kuwait, there’s a strange red ‘perforated’ staircase, which appears in a garden. Random appearances and sudden manifestations of objects disrupting the routine of your average protagonist have always inspired me. I wanted to begin the story of Film, Beyonder III with the intervention of a minimalist object. In this case, it was a steel rod. This rod is a compulsive image whose meaning escapes me but that I had to include in the story. Gog is Gog, an angry artist haunted by his work. His only company is dog, inspired by my dog Norma, a mountain dog that I grew up with.

la mouche cf How did you work on the voice over?
When I wrote the text, I had in mind the deep voice of a man of a certain age, an American – I’m thinking of the one in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in the introduction. Then I visited a voice over website and found Tracy Turner, stocky, bearded, and physically looked like George R. R. Martin. It was an obvious choice. I contacted him and sent him the text with specific indications; context, intention, rhythm, pauses etc. 24 hours later, he sent me a sound file, and I wasn’t disappointed! I then edited the film around his voice.

la mouche cf Gog doesn’t like film festivals… at first. What about you?
I’m slightly intimidated by a number of them but I really like them.

la mouche cf Does the Film, Beyonder III script really exist or is it only fiction?
Film, Beyonder III only exists in an alternative reality.


la mouche cf Do you like «bizarre» genres?
I like trials, experiments, the strange and the bizarre occasionally; coming up with original filmic ideas, when we dive in and take risks.

la mouche cf What were the films that have inspired you the most this past year?
I was really inspired by Rester Vertical by Alain Guiraudie and Arrival by Denis Villeneuve. Then I spent the rest of the year discovering new, original work on UniversCiné.

la mouche cf If you’ve already been to Clermont-Ferrand, could you tell us a story about your time at the festival? If not, what are your expectations for this year?
I don’t know Clermont-Ferrand, so I’m discovering it this year and can’t wait. My expectations? To meet inspiring and genuine people…

la mouche cf What are you planning on attending any events during the festival (Expresso, conferences, etc.)?
I’m taking part in the Expresso and I had to take part in a roundtable. I’m also taking part on 8 February at 4.30 in a web-mag “Vu en Court” created by the lycéens of Clermont.

la mouche cf Are other film screenings scheduled?
Film, Beyonder III will be screened during the next showing of the Lab competition I Tabakalera from 3 to 5 March 2017 in San Sebastiàn.



Film, Beyonder III is being shown in Lab Competition L5.

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